ALD was founded in 1998, with our roots first appeared in the early 1990s as a leading hardware vendor supplying both system boards and X86 system core logic. After exiting the mainstream PC motherboard and core logic design business, we ventured into the system design and supply of bank terminals, TV set-top box, surveillance station, Windows terminal based on the embedded x86 architectures. Later, ALD expanded into embedded designs and open source software to take advantage of the exploding product and service requirements made available by the ubiquitous Internet. Today we develop and supply turn-key streaming audio solutions to the audio product manufacturers based on embedded Linux and RTOS. We also provide engineering design services to customers with more capable in-house development capabilities.  
  Our development expertise includes:  

Embedded Linux
Audio streaming
Internet radio
Audio streaming across Internet (corporate radio, church radio and background music distribution)
DAB radio
Video capture and management of video data
Complete system design that meets regulatory EMC and safety requirements
MCU firmware development
FPGA design

  The microprocessors and OSes we have been working with lately include:  
 1. OSes
   embedded Linux
 2. Microprocessors
   Freescale ColdFire
   AMD Blackfin BF531, BF561 (dual-core)
   Ingenic JZ4740, JZ4755
   TI DM355 (Davinci), AM1808, AM3730, AM335x, TMS320C5535 (DSP)
   Qualcomm AR9331
   Espressif ESP32
We understand there is always the need to customize products to give the best values the customers demand and welcome ODM inquiries.